Every creation is unique

African Hardwoods

Fritz van Zyl wood creations are made from African hardwoods. We select the wood according to its character and then create our furniture around it. Our focus however, lies with Leadwood (Combretum Imberbe)…


Leadwood is not commercially viable or a commonly used wood as trees cannot and may not be harvested alive. Trees can grow ancient (carbon dated up to 1800yrs old) and are absolutely precious. By the time a tree dies, it usually has many hollow portions, as well as a texture that only nature can create.

Beauty of Leadwood

It is this beauty of died Leadwood with a natural texture and form, that enchants Fritz van Zyl. It is our inspiration. All our creations retain some of that character.

fritz van zyl hardwood fish on a table

Our exclusive Hardwood furniture

Unique creations demand unique thinking

fritz van zyl custom hardwood furniture

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